About Us


In 1976, The Brush Man, LLC was a one man operation devoted to providing quality brooms and brushes, in difficult to get quantities, delivered in a timely fashion.  Back then, our vision was "To deliver excellence as a formula for success." and it's continued to propell us forward the past 40+ years.   


Much has changed over that time period.  We've grown quite a bit to keep pace with our customer's needs.  We've expanded our breadth and depth of inventory, added addtional warehouse space, increased the size of our team to provide addtional support, and most recently, updated our technological tools, such as this website.  Rest assured, the one thing that will never change as we grow and age is our constant focus to have fun in our jobs, and most importantly, "Deliver Excellence" to our customers every day.  


How do we "Deliver Excellence"?


A perfect illustration is our effort to ship orders the same day, offer industry low pre-paid freight requirements and utilize premium carriers for the final leg of delivery.  We offer these services so our customers can essentially rely on The Brush Man to be their "warehouse", so to speak.  They know replenishment is only 1-3 days away!



The Brush Man has a clear understanding of our customers needs for the right quaqlity product at competitive pricing.  This is evident in our continued efforts to seek out additional products to offer and working in concert with our vendors to deliver the best overall value.  Please notice we didn't state "lowest cost".  This is a very important distinction to make note of.  One of our key corporate objectives is to continually balance our endless quest for "low cost" with our need to offer "Best Value".  We feel this can only be achieved by working closely with our customers and vendors to hit quality thresholds that matter while being as competitively priced as possible.  


Overall Value:

At our core, The Brush Man strives to provide customers with quality products and excellent service.  We prove this daily by following orders through from start to finish to ensure accuracy and fullfillment, maintaining our inventory levels so we have exactly what you need when you need it, and treating everyone with respect and professionalism.  To summarize it best, we'll do more than just service your company, The Brush Man will be a partner in your success.  




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