Microfiber Nap

Our Microfiber Nap roller covers are made with a non-shedding fluffy luxurious nap that's adhered to a solvent resistant polypropylene core.  This allows them to hold more paint and deliver it with less friction and little to no splatter.    


Available Sizes


  Part Number Width Nap Length  
  RC9-MICFBR-1/4 9" 1/4"  
  RC9-MICFBR-3/8 9" 3/8"  
  RC9-MICFBR-9/16 9" 9/16"  
  RC18-MICFBR-1/4 18" 1/4"  
  RC18-MICFBR-3/8 18" 3/8"  
  RC18-MICFBR-9/16 18" 9/16"